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Isopod Substrate, Millipede Substrate, Beetle Substrate

Isopod Substrate, Millipede Substrate, Beetle Substrate

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Ray Brett

I still have not received it yet?

Scott's inverts
Scott's inverts recommends

Fantastic substrate, our beetle larvae and isopods absolutely love it, very impressed it's was free from unwanted uk critters too

Rachel A
Best Substrate!

Absolutely delighted with the substrate from The Bug Room. I buy around once a month and have very healthy isopod colonies and beetle grubs. I’ve had issues from other suppliers in the past with fungus gnats but never had an issue with this substrate. Top quality

Rachel, thank you for the kind words and the support. It's a pleasure as always!

Thomas Pettit
Good stuff

Contained A good mix of all the right things for a bioactive terrarium to thrive the live moss that is mixed in is a bonus

Antony C.
Great products

I switched to The Bug Rooms substrate a while ago and have always been very pleased with the quality, my Isopods seem to love it too!

Thank you for taking the time review our substrate. Very pleased to hear both you and your isopods are happy!

100% Organic, Edible Isopod, Millipede, Beetle Substrate.

This is a handmade substrate that we have been using successfully for many years of keeping and breeding various types of isopods, millipedes, beetles and beetle larvae. We also use this substrate in many tropical bioactive enclosures for geckos, lizards and dart frogs as it has a very high nutrient content which is superb for growing plants.

This substrate is a blend of organic top soil, worm castings, horticultural charcoal, bat guano, milled oyster flour, shredded rotten hardwood and leaf litter from beech and oak trees and live mosses.

This substrate is nutrient dense with each of the components selected to benefit your little critters. This substrate works as a stable diet for your isopods and millipedes as well as providing coverage in your enclosures and as a planting medium in bioactive or live planted terrariums.

The Importance of Substrate for Isopods and Millipedes

Substrate is the key component for all detritivores. A rich substrate that is packed with organic matter is essential for raising isopods and millipedes. A high quality substrate is key for sustaining happy, well nourished and active millipedes and isopods. The substrate is also important for stimulating breeding behaviour.

Read our page on the importance of substrate for isopods and millipedes for some further information. We always try to promote the "Thrive, not survive" ethos here at The Bug Room. We believe that animals should be kept as close to their natural environment as possible, this allows you to see your animals most natural behaviours and lets the feel safe, secure and comfortable. 


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