Collection: Substrates, Decor and Hardscape

Substrates, Decor and Hardscape

Are you an invertebrate enthusiast seeking to create the perfect haven for your fascinating isopods and millipedes? Look no further! Here at The Bug Room we offer an exceptional leaf litter and ready blended substrate, specifically tailored to the unique needs of these captivating creatures.

Whether you're a seasoned hobbyist or just starting your millipede or isopod journey, providing the right environment is crucial for their health and wellbeing. This guide empowers you to create a thriving microhabitat within your terrarium, mimicking the natural forest floor these invertebrates call home.

    • Diversity is Key: Provide a combination of leaf litter types, from oak, beech, sycamore and birch, ensuring a balanced diet and enriching textures.
    • Moisture Matters: Achieve the optimal humidity levels using effective moisture gradients and water sources, catering to both burrowing and surface-dwelling species.
    • Nutritional Needs Met: High organic content for proper growth and development.