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Porcellio Laevis "Dairy Cow" Isopods

Porcellio Laevis "Dairy Cow" Isopods

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Awesome and cute lil isopods :)

Received them all alive and thriving in some moss through the post. Had some issues with the Post Office and the shipping was a bit delayed but had a chat with The Bug Room people and they were kind and as prompt as they could be.

Thanks !!

Thank you so much!!

Really happy with my order

I ordered these and five other tubs of Armadillidium and Porcellio species. All tubs contained significantly more than I ordered, all were healthy with a mix of sizes and delivery was very quick once dispatched. The price was also very competitive. I'll definitely be ordering again in the future 10/10

Great Quality Isopods

Bought these guys as clean up crew for bioactive reptile enclosures and to set up my own colony. These guys have been thriving and breeding readily for me! Would definitely recommend getting your isopods from here & I will be back

Andrew Ratcliffe

Porcellio Laevis "Dairy Cow" Isopods

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review! Glad you're happy!

Andrea Dulhanty
Great service

Received my first order from the bug room and I'm delighted with the service and standard of products. I will definitely be ordering from the bug room again

Porcellio Laevis "Dairy Cow" Isopods

The ultimate terrarium or vivarium janitor. These isopods make an excellent addition to many bioactive set ups due to their extremely high appetites and astonishingly fast rate of reproduction. 

These isopods do well at average UK room temperatures (around 20°C). They enjoy a nice moisture gradient, general guidance would be to keep 1/3 of the enclosure moist. They enjoy a variety of foods such as washed and peeled vegetable scraps, though the stable of their diet should be leaf litter and rotten hardwoods. Ensure they have access to a good source of calcium, we would recommend either cuttlebone, eggshells or oyster shells.

Porcellio Laevis "Dairy Cow" isopods are extremely prolific and are great for beginners or adding into a terrarium for a clean up crew. 

Please note: All isopods are captive bred by us here at The Bug Room. We will always send a mix of sizes to maximise the success of your colony. 

If you would like any information prior to placing an order, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to answer questions or give some advice from our own experience.

This listing is for a starter colony of isopods. These are porcellio laevis isopods of various sizes to start your own thriving colony. These isopods are great for bioactive terrariums / vivariums, as feeders for reptiles and amphibians or even as a pet!

We always send more than the listing specifies to ensure you are happy! All orders are sent next working day though Royal Mail 1st class.

If you would like any information prior to placing an order, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to answer questions or give some advice.

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