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Desmoxytes planata "Pink Dragon" Millipedes

Desmoxytes planata "Pink Dragon" Millipedes

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Desmoxytes planata "Pink Dragon" Millipedes

Beautiful small species of millipede. Great fun to watch in a live planted terrarium.  

These isopods do well at average UK room temperatures (around 20°C), though they will thrive at 24 - 26°C They enjoy a nice moisture gradient, general guidance would be to keep 2/3 of the enclosure moist. They enjoy a variety of foods such as washed and peeled vegetable scraps, though the stable of their diet should be leaf litter, rotten hardwoods and flake soil. Ensure they have access to a good source of calcium, we would recommend either cuttlebone, eggshells or oyster shells.

Please note: All millipedes are captive bred by us here at The Bug Room.

If you would like any information prior to placing an order, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to answer questions or give some advice from our own experience.

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