Collection: Millipedes For Sale UK


Millipedes: Nature's Adorable Multi-Legged Marvels!

Here at The Bug Room, we keep a range of millipedes that we offer for sale here in the UK. All of our millipedes are captive bred by us!
Millipedes aren't your average creepy-crawlies. These fascinating invertebrates boast unique features and surprising charm, making them captivating companions for curious minds and nature enthusiasts. Dive into the millipede world and discover:

Enthralling Exotics:

    • Dazzling Diversity: Choose from a vibrant array of millipedes, each with unique colorations, patterns, and sizes. From the vibrant reds of the Black Fire Millipede to the sleek black of the Glossy Black Millipede, there's a millipede sure to match your preferences.
    • Remarkable Anatomy: Witness the marvel of numerous legs gracefully propelling these gentle giants. Observe their segmented bodies and intricate exoskeletons, wonders of natural design.
    • Low-Maintenance Marvels: Millipedes are surprisingly low-maintenance pets. Their natural diet of decaying leaves and organic matter is easy to provide, and their terrarium needs are simple to manage.

Captivating Critters:

  • Peaceful and Quiet: Unlike their insect cousins, millipedes are silent observers, content to meander through their enclosures, offering a calming and unique pet ownership experience.
  • Educational Delights: Millipedes spark curiosity and ignite a love for learning about the wonders of the invertebrate world. They're perfect educational tools for children and adults alike.
  • Eco-Friendly Decomposers: Millipedes play a vital role in nature as decomposers, aiding in the breakdown of organic matter and contributing to healthy ecosystems.

Beyond the Stereotypes:

Forget the misconceptions! Millipedes are gentle creatures, not the slimy, scary monsters often portrayed. With their docile nature and captivating appearance, they offer a unique and rewarding pet ownership experience.

Start your millipede adventure today!

These fascinating creatures are much more than just bugs; they're living ambassadors of the invertebrate world, waiting to surprise and delight you. So, why not consider bringing a millipede into your life? You might just discover a new world of wonder and appreciation for the little things in nature.

Why Choose Captive Bred?
Ethical: Opting for captive-bred ensures minimal impact on wild populations.
Healthy: Bred in controlled environments, they arrive parasite-free and ready to thrive.